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BBC MULTIMEDIA ENGLISH is the interactive version of BBC DVD ENGLISH and consists of 30 bilingual CD-ROM's including more than 5 hours of video, 2,300 exercises and 30 evaluation-tests.

Course components

• 30 CD-ROM's
• 6 books or 30 partworks (optional)


BBC MULTIMEDIA ENGLISH features its exclusive On line checking system that automatically corrects every mistake made by the student when doing the exercises and takes him/her to the corresponding explanation.

BBC MULTIMEDIA ENGLISH allows the students to:

- Record their own pronunciation and compare it with the perfect pronunciation of British and American natives.

- Instantly consult vocabulary including all words and expressions used in the course, either in English or in their language.

- Check their progress unit by unit in specially made self-evaluation tests.

- Produce statistics with the historical results of the tests of each member of the family using the course.



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